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Simder SD4050 PRO 10-In-1 Multi-Process Welder and Cutter

Your one-stop foolproof tool for all home repairs and DIY project

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Pulse MIG Welding

If you are a welding novice who does want to step straight into taking aluminium, this is a great machine for you. Our pulse MIG function works well on thin-walled parts, especially aluminum and its alloys. It offers high-quality, consistent welding with a fairly low splatter rate compared to conventional MIG welders.


Best Aluminum MIG Welder


Distinct Gas Types For The Best Welidng Results

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Mixed Gas MIG Welding

In mixed gas MIG mode, it grants the welder the option to choose different types of gases to apply to different welding applications. This function makes it possible for the welder to have complete control on weld penetration and arc characteristics.

CO2 MIG Welding

With this CO2 welding machine, you can work more efficiently than ever. Designed to offer deep weld penetration, this welder tends to be very useful for welding thick material.


Small Splash. Beautiful Shape.

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Synergic MIG Welding

Synergic control has made Simder welder more intuitive and easier to use even for a novice. Simply adjust the wire feeding speed button, it will automatically adjust for you the voltage that best matches the current. It is that easy!


Easiest Way To Set Good Welding Parameters


Requires No Gas Cylinder. Makes Welding A Breeze.

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Flux Core Welding

Flux core welding is a great option for outdoor use even in windy environments. It is effective especially for people who do not want to carry gas. Simply fill the flux cored wire, and you are all set to weld freely in the field.

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High Frequency Start TIG Welding

High frequency start TIG welding is a non-contact arc initiation that allows you to position your torch accurately at all angles. With strong and stable arc, it is ideal for professional use, offering unparalleled weld seam quality in a wide range of applications.


High-Quality All-Position Welding


For Welding Rods Below 4.0mm

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Stick Welding

Stick welding is an easy to operate technique ideal for beginners. With its adjustable hot start and arc force function, Simder SD4050PRO welder makes it easy to get started with your first projects.

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Plasma Cutting

If you're looking for a top of the line plasma cutter that can handle cuts on almost any type of conductive metal, then look no further than S Simder SD4050 PRO. With a maximum severance cut of 20mm, this unit will get a tough job done quickly and cleanly.


Cut up to 20mm


2T/4T Controls

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2T/4T/Spot timmer

SD-4050PRO features a switch button on the welding torch, which can easily switch from 2T to 4T. You can also preset the spot welding time when pressing and holding the trigger. It is helpful when you need to weld a constant length of weld bead on the job.



Reduce open-circuit voltage to avoid electric shock.


Smart Memory Mode

Autosave settings when idle for 1min


100% Duty Cycle

Consistent operation ideal for heavy-duty projects

Dual Voltage

Simder welder is a welder with dual voltage capabilities that makes it easy for you to weld wherever you are, whether it be in your workshop or on the job site.


Welding Anytime, Anywhere

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Ultimate Portability

Freedom to move and weld anywhere. While most mobile welders are large and heavy, Simder SD4050PRO welder is designed to be light and portable. With a weight of merely 15kg, you can easily save space to get around with more convenience.

Additional features


Built-in Fan/Air Cooling


Burn Back Control


Hot Start Ajustment


Inductance Adjustment


PRG/POG Setting


ARC Force Ajustment


Weld Your Art

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